Lexington Lakes Ave Pool II

Pinnacle built this pool as part of a new construction home build. The house was white brick, and the client requested a “contemporary courtyard” vibe due to the design of the house + outdoor space. Pinnacle chose to build a cocktail pool that ran right up to the full wall of windows in the clients’ living room not only to enhance the aesthetics of the space, but also to create a beautiful view even with limited yard space. Features for this pool included:

  • Seating/Steps: Floating steps entering pool; Large tanning ledge and bench that span length of pool

  • Plaster: Onyx

  • Water Features: Deck Jets and bubblers (on tanning ledge)

  • Decking/Coping: White Quartzite

  • Lighting: Pentair color changing lights

  • Water Tile: Nero